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GCRG Origins

The Gulf Coast Rollergirls as a team  originally formed in August 2009, we started out in Orange,Texas as a  flat track roller derby team playing by WFTDA rules. Following a  reformation & reorganization, the GCRG as a team name was changed to a league name, and merged with the newly formed Lafitte's Ladies flat track team in Lake Charles, La.  In 2016 we dropped the Lafitte's Ladies moniker, combined with the Houston Missfits and resumed using the league name of Gulf Coast Rollergirls for our home team, and our travel team became the Gulf Coast Missfits.

The Team/Recruitment

We are looking for  women/men, ages 18 and older, who are interested in joining. we always  need  determined, dedicated women/men who would be willing and able to join!  Please send us a message, if you are interested.


Over 500 flat track leagues exist. There is only 10 bank tracks in the US. GCRG Missfits have both flat and bank track. Outside of Texas, this is the only bank track in the south until Florida.

Meet Homewrecker, and watch the next evolution of GCRG & The Missfits. The legacy continues...

Lake Charles Civic Center. 2018.

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